Organic Coconut Water 13.6 oz


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Organic Coconut Water 13.6 oz. (385g)

Pyradyne Best Seller!

You thought you knew coconut water, but you haven’t tasted anything until you’ve tasted this Organic Coconut Water Powder. Sourced from young coconuts and made with a technique that leaves the natural flavor compounds fully intact, our powder easily mixes back into water to make a richer, sweeter taste than you’ve ever found in a coconut water.

One simple scoop of coconut water powder:

  • Hydrates naturally
  • Replenishes electrolytes
  • Tastes better due to gentle patented processing
  • Is organic and non-GMO
  • Contains only 2 natural ingredients
  • Is free from artificial colors, nutrition, flavors and preservatives

Organic Coconut Water Powder comes in a lightweight container so you can easily tote it in your purse, backpack or gym bag and add it to your water bottle at any time.

And for those of you looking to lighten your calorie intake, coconut water is a great low-calorie, natural substitute for sugary drinks while still offering a sweet flavor. Plus, powdered coconut water is great for adding to foods like smoothies, soups, or even baked goods.

Mix in with your PyraLyte Trace Minerals every morning for optimal electrolytes!

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