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Receptor & Holographic Projector Manual-TEXT-READABLE-VERSION

Receptor & Holographic Projector Manual-TEXT-READABLE-VERSION - Pyradyne
Receptor & Holographic Projector Manual-TEXT-READABLE-VERSION - Pyradyne
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The PYRADYNE® Receptor & Holographic Projector Manual & Care Guide - TEXT-READABLE VERSION

This downloadable PDF MANUAL is TEXT-READABLE

It can be read to you by your computer or iPhone

It discusses in detail the cellular science behind the PYRADYNE® Nuclear Receptor necklaces and Holographic Projector necklaces, how they were created and how to best use them. Hear about the amazing technology used in these devices and how they function with the body.

Learn about kinesiology with NEW full-page testing charts!  The Receptor & Holographic Projector Manual & Care Guide will enable you to do kinesiology and muscle testing using the various color charts to test yourself to find out which gemstones and metals are best for you to use right now and why. You can also learn more about the vibrations of various metals and their effects on the body.  

Understand how to take care of your Receptor or Projector and enjoy ideas on how to use them to gain the most benefits. Lastly, this book touches on other Pyradyne products and their benefits, as well as an introduction to Dr. Fred Bell and his work. All Pyradyne’s products focus on improving health, energy and well-being.

How to have an iPhone read text out of a PDF (or any text document):

Go to:





5. Speak Selection - turn on this button

Then, whenever you SELECT TEXT on your phone, the phone will show a “Speak” option to click on.

You can turn this feature off whenever you want to by clicking the button back OFF in your Settings….Speak Selection.

6. Scroll further down (in Settings) and you can edit the SLIDER for the speed of the SPEAKING RATE - faster or slower.

7.Then click the HOME button and open your document.

8. Select the text you want it to read.

9. Then a Speak option will pop up.  Just click SPEAK if you want your phone to read that text!


How to Have your Mac Computer READ TEXT TO YOU:

1. Open System Preferences (click on the Apple Icon at top left corner of screen)


3. Click SPEECH

4. In the document you want read, select the text with your mouse that you want the computer to read.   Turn up the Sound Volume on your device.

5. On the Mac, the standard keys to press to START IT READING ARE:

Option/Escape   - so you hold down the Option Key (the key left of the Apple icon key on your keyboard), and at the SAME TIME you then press the ESC or Escape key (top left of keyboard).

If you want to set up a different key combo to do this function on your keyboard, you can do so.

That starts the TEXT BEING READ.

6. To STOP,  just click the two keys together again - OPTION / ESCAPE. 


*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Pyradyne products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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