The Pyradyne Pack


$ 129.00 


The Pyradyne Pack

New to Pyradyne?

This pack is the perfect start to Dr. Fred Bell’s work. This pack includes

  • A 9″ Orgone Plated Pyradome Pyramid
  • Rays of Truth, Crystals of Light Book
  • The Promise Book
  • The Nuclear Receptor Manual

Essential reading materials that discuss secrets of longetivity, health and successful living, pleiadean technology, time travel, anti gravity, the Nuclear Receptor, and much more!

Experiment with the Pyradome pyramid from our headgear collection that is a 9 inch steel based headgear pyramid that is 24 Karat gold orgone plated. Creating a natural field of negative irons around you, whilst gently detoxifying your body. It is specially recommended to those new to Pyramid technology, working to develop higher consciousness via the Ajna Chakra. With regular use, the Pyradome benefits may include:

  • Stabilizing high blood pressure
  • Promoting tranquility and well-being
  • Experience deep relaxation and balance
  • Reducing headaches

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