PyraLyte Trace Mineral Electrolytes 300g


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PyraLyte Trace Mineral Powder Electrolyte Drink 300g

PyraLyte is the next generation in Trace Minerals, this powered electrolyte drink is packed with over 78 plant extracted minerals and trace minerals! Start your day with a BOOST that’s all natural and organic. Simply mix/shake with 8oz of purified water or fresh juice, and ice if desired, and enjoy!

PyraLyte provides a complete source of trace and base minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and herbs. It is all natural, Vegan and GMO-free! The ingredients are derived from the African forests – a very powerful formula with optimal health benefits including increased energy, weight loss, improved vision and increased exercise performance to name a few!

Studies have shown there is a direct link between depression and the deficiency of trace minerals within the body.

**PyraLyte uses extremely rare earth minerals in its Excelorite formula, please see images for full ingredients list.

**Natural Lemon-Lime flavor. For best results, take with the Full Spectrum Vitamins. This bottle contains a month supply.

CLICK HERE to listen to Dr. Fred Bell explaining the important of Trace Minerals.





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