Standalone Projector


$ 2,499.00 


The Standalone Projector Plated 24k Gold Vibration 

Place on your desk, bedside, kitchen work surface, wherever you spend the most amount of time projecting your thoughts. Also, reposition from time to time and you may notice a significant difference in its operation.

The Projector does not act as a scalar vibrating mechanism as the Receptor does. The Projector is a wave machine with four gemstones located on its bridge- the gemstone color to be determined by the wearer. The Receptor, on the other hand, utilizes one gemstone and requires kinesiology or muscle testing to determine color and quality. The Projector consists of two concentric circles, each containing pyramids that are all split down the middle mounted both vertically and horizontally. Between the two concentric circles lies two three-sided pyramids, and another pyramid split four ways acting as the gateway for the two concentric circles.

In careful study of the Projector as viewed from the front, you’ll notice a de-spiraling pattern that collapses into an infinity pattern. These space penetrating design patterns, in turn, create two scalar fields that collapse into themselves. This creates a doorway into the holographic structure of the universe. The two three-sided pyramids move the energy, starting with the mental plane, following energies through the other six planes simultaneously. This creates a merger of consciousness and the holographic nature of space and time.

As Dr. Fred Bell said “Be careful what you think…..”


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