The Christos Cross Nuclear Receptor


$ 1,999.00 


The Christos Receptor

The Christos Cross Sterling Silver Nuclear Receptor with 27″ Sterling Silver Italian Diamond Cut Rope Chain.

  •  An anti-stress device which transforms disharmonious energies into positive energies
  • Protects the body from the harmful effect of environmental pollution, toxic foods, stress, and all other interfering frequencies
  • Each color of available gemstones for the Nuclear Receptor corresponds to specific body functions
  • Balancing and rejuvenating on the body

Benefits to sterling silver Nuclear Receptor’s

* Utilizes natural gemstones

* Easy to clean

* Purer metal, higher vibratory level

* Ability to change out gemstones multiple times

* Lifetime investment

* Handmade to order


This Nuclear Receptor features the quantum bridge design. The Christos Cross allows the wearer often to experience very deep meditations, extreme quietening of body functions and various euphoric states.

In contrast to the Negotiator Receptor, which produces very strong, extreme, tunneling and focused energy, the Christos produces a very calm and feathering energy. This is due to the fact that the bridge is in a Christos fashion, which connects to a world wide Mantrum, and deepening on the chosen gemstone, will take the wearer on many different and fantastic pathways of their choice.

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