The Rays of Truth TV All Video Pack


$ 249.00 


The Rays of Truth TV All Video Pack

This package includes all the videos from Rays of Truth.TV for your viewing pleasure. You get a mix of nutrition, UFO technology, pyradyne products, and even Dr. Fred Bell sharing his contactee experiences.

9-11 Manipulation (VIDEO)

“A series on how the media manipulated the coverage and reporting of the tragedy of 9-11”

part 1 Runtime 9:57

part 2 Runtime  9:58

Part 3 Runtime 9:59

part 4 Runtime 9:59


Alex Collier ET Hypothesis (VIDEO)

“Alex covers history, heritage, and his personal experiences with extraterrestrials, and provides insight on ways we can improve our society.”

part 1 runtime 39:47

part 2 Runtime 39:46

Part 3 Runtime 39:46

Andromedan Ships Runtime 11:18

Cell Gun Runtime 24 Seconds

Deep Underground bases (VIDEO)

“Exploring the truth about deep underground bases and the various black projects happening below the surface.”

runtime 8:00 

Devastarr Runtime 54 Seconds

Fake Dis-Info-UFO (VIDEO)

“An example of how dis-information is propagated about UFOs in order to keep the public from finding the truth and silence dissent.”

runtime 2:46

Firestarr Runtime 1:35

Flamethrower Runtime 4:53



1981 Sighting (VIDEO)

Runtime 2:51


Atlantean airfield (VIDEO)

Runtime 1:19


Aurora Sighting (VIDEO)

Runtime 2:58


Beginning Of Pleiadean Connection Nestall Road (VIDEO)

Runtime 4:40


Contact With Semjase (VIDEO)

Runtime 2:15


Andromedan Contact 1989 (VIDEO)

Runtime 3:50


El Moro Bay Andromedan Contact (VIDEO)

Runtime 2:31


Top Secret Military Base (VIDEO)

Runtime 7:18

Haarp 1 (VIDEO)

“Haarp in action, Weather manipulation is merely one of the side effects.”

Runtime 55 seconds

Haarp 2 (VIDEO)

An Explanation of how Haarp works. Where and how it can be used.”

Runtime 7:13

Immigration 1 (VIDEO)

“Immigration by the Numbers, the problem is not the immigrants its the number coming in and how it affects the country as a whole.”

Runtime 6:46

Immigration 2 (VIDEO)

“The discussion continues and the impact long term.”

Runtime 6:53 

Inside Track Quantum Mechanics Runtime 1:51:17

Inside Track Quantum Mechanics Indirect Observation Runtime 6:21

Negative Ion Shower (VIDEO)

Runtime 1:19

Omnion Campagne Reflector (VIDEO)

Runtime 1:53

Ormus Secrets - The David Wolfe Water System  (VIDEO)

Runtime 31:45

Planet X (VIDEO)

Part 1 Runtime 8:25

Part 2 Runtime 9:36

Part 3 Runtime 6:13

Part 4 Runtime 8:26

Part 5 Runtime 4:45

Quantum Healing (VIDEO and AUDIO)

Part 1 Runtime 9:55 (Video)

Part 2 Runtime 9:53 (Video but audio only)

Part 3 Runtime 9:58 (Video but audio only)

Part 4 Runtime 9:59 (Video but audio only)

Part 5 Runtime 9:58 (Video but audio only)

Part 6 Runtime 9:59 (Video but audio only)

Part 7 Runtime 9:57 (Video but audio only)

Part 8 Runtime 3:00 (Video but audio only)

Reptilian Baby (VIDEO)

Runtime 3:04 

Reptilian Race (VIDEO)

Runtime 6:59

Subliminal Advertising (VIDEO)

Runtime 52 seconds

Terrorism (SLIDES)

Folder with first hand photos. SWR photo album format (hard to extract properly so pre-extracted for ease of use)

Videos On the Work Of Tesla (VIDEO)

Tesla 1 Runtime 11:36

Tesla 2 Runtime 11:37

Tesla 3 Runtime 11:36

Tesla 4 Runtime 11:35

Valerie Projector

Part 1 Runtime 15 seconds

Part 2 Runtime 12 Seconds

Part 3 Runtime 12 Seconds

Part 4 Runtime 12 Seconds

Virus in H1N1 Vaccine (VIDEO)

Runtime 5:16

Vortex, Systems and Temple

Runtime 7:10


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