Wellness Technologies & Solutions


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Wellness Technologies & Solutions

This audio package includes:


David Wolfe Super Food Seminar (AUDIO)
“He covers diet, nutrition, supplementation and how to offset exposure."
Part 1 Runtime1:19:37
Part 2 Runtime 1:20:15
Part 3 Runtime 56:16
Part 4 Runtime 24:13
Part 5 Runtime 1:20:01

Dr Bell With Dr. Deagle (AUDIO)

“A discussion on health and a variety of facets to help better our understanding on how the body works."

Part 1 Runtime 2:27:15

Part 2 Runtime 1:48:17


Quartz Crystals (VIDEO)

Runtime 6:28


Earth Star QBAM Article (PDF)
Etheric Origins of Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism (PDF)

Ionization and your health (AUDIO)

Part 1 Runtime 24:17

Part 2 Runtime 24:45

Part 3 Runtime 23:47


Julius Alexrod (PDF)
Manifesting your life with Quantum Physics (PDF)

Negative Ion Shower (VIDEO)

Runtime 1:19


Omnion Campagne Reflector (VIDEO)

Runtime 1:53


Ormus Secrets - The David Wolfe Water System  (VIDEO)

Runtime 31:45


Projector Article (PDF)

Quantum Healing (VIDEO and AUDIO)

Part 1 Runtime 9:55 (Video)

Part 2 Runtime 9:53 (Video but audio only)

Part 3 Runtime 9:58 (Video but audio only)

Part 4 Runtime 9:59 (Video but audio only)

Part 5 Runtime 9:58 (Video but audio only)

Part 6 Runtime 9:59 (Video but audio only)

Part 7 Runtime 9:57 (Video but audio only)

Part 8 Runtime 3:00 (Video but audio only)


Solutions to challenges of Wellness in a Toxic World (Audio and Article)

Audio Runtime 34:43

PDF Included


Videos On the Work Of Tesla (VIDEO)

Tesla 1 Runtime 11:36

Tesla 2 Runtime 11:37

Tesla 3 Runtime 11:36

Tesla 4 Runtime 11:35


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